Luca Demian
Student Developer
New Hampshire, USA

Who are you?

I am a high school senior living in beautiful New Hampshire, USA. I have been programming for the last 6 years, focusing mostly on web development. Along with designing and developing websites, I have created basic non-web projects in Python, Java, and C++. Outside of development, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and listening to music.

What are you making?

While the majority of my projects are unmaintained, here's some of the stuff I'm currently working on:

  • jsTrack — a JS-based web-app for tracking motion in videos and extracting the kinematics data. I created it for physics classrooms as the project component of my Senior Seminar.
  • Collabster — This project has been an on-and-off endeaver for the last few years, and more than anything has been the most valuable learning experience I've embarked on. The idea behind it is a social network platform for designers and developers to collaborate through.

Anything else to say?

Well the info above is pretty much a snapshot of me, but below this I've included some more resume-type information.

What sorts of stuff can you do?

I mean, I can do a lot of stuff! I am highly motivated, hardworking, and committed. I get along well with peers, but I am also independant and self-guided. Is that what you were wondering?

Cool! But what are your hard skills?

Ahhh, gotcha. Here's a list of my hard skills, and you can click each one for more detail:

Do you have any work experience?

Yep! I've worked two different jobs in high school:

  • Regal Cinemas, Dec. 2017 - Oct. 2018
    This was my first job, where I worked primarily as a concessionist, alongside other positions. I learned the valuable skills of customer interaction and self-responsibility, and I quickly became one of the most dependable cast members.
  • Target, Oct. 2018 - Present
    I began working at Target for the holiday season in 2018, as a hardlines team member. My duties include assisting customers, stocking and maintaining the salesfloor, and assisting other areas of the store when needed. I was one of the few seasonal team members selected to stay on as permanent employees in Jan. 2019.